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Here’s what your career progression looks like at Audit New Zealand

Career path

Before CA qualification

Interns join us before their final year at university. You get on-the-job work experience over the summer holidays and, potentially, an offer to join Audit New Zealand as an Assistant Auditor once you graduate.

Assistant Auditors (grads) begin working on a portfolio of clients from day one and become skilled in auditing various account balances.

Intermediate Auditors lead small client audits and coach the Assistant Auditors. By the end of the second year, you’ve experienced a full audit cycle.

Auditors are responsible for the full audit of small to medium-sized clients, including supervising and coaching Assistant Auditors and Intermediate Auditors. This year, you’ll complete your qualifications to become a Chartered Accountant.

After CA qualification

Senior Auditors are CA qualified. By the end of your first year after qualifying, you’ll be fully competent in carrying out an audit. You’ll understand how to identify management risks at different types of clients.

Assistant Managers become highly skilled at juggling a number of audit engagements and contributing to strategic business initiatives.

Audit Managers work across our business. You’ll be responsible for practice management, assigning staff to appropriate clients, mentoring and coaching staff, and ensuring that audits are completed to a high standard.

Associate Directors develop the key strategic leadership skills required of our Directors and often sign opinions for our small clients. This role is an important stepping stone to becoming an Audit Director.

Audit Directors are responsible for guiding and leading Audit New Zealand as a professional services firm. You are authorised to sign audit opinions on behalf of the Auditor-General and responsible for managing client relationships.

Page last updated: 25 June 2019