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Apply for our summer internships or graduate programme

Each year, we run one major recruitment process to find entry-level staff members.

Applications for our Summer Internship and 2021 Graduate Programme are now closed.

Summer internships

To be a summer intern, you need to be in your second-to-last year of study. Our internships run from mid-November until mid-February. We give you on-the-job work experience, so you can find out if working for Audit New Zealand is right for you. You’ll also get a four-week break over the holiday period. To find out more about our summer internships see Intern this summer with Audit New Zealand.

Graduate programme

To be in our graduate programme, you need to complete your degree by early March 2021 and meet the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand's requirements to enter the Chartered Accountants College. To find out more about our graduate programme see Start your career as a graduate.

Page last updated: 19 March 2020