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Clarence's story

Clarence Susan, Audit Director, based in our Tauranga office.

I’ve been in New Zealand for over ten years. Living in New Zealand is like heaven (only there’s still work).

Clarence SusanWhen you first arrive in New Zealand, everything is new. You don’t have memories of places or people. This is exciting, but also unsettling.

The whole move here went really well. I had two teenagers at the time. Both did find it hard to make friends at school, but this changed when they went on to University where everybody was new. It didn’t take long to settle in. It all depends on your attitude.

The big difference with auditing in New Zealand is the auditing of the non-financial reports. Overall the auditing of the numbers is the same, and the same international auditing standards apply. You also must know the New Zealand legislation. I think Audit New Zealand is the best employer I ever worked for. The training is exceptional.

Before you decide to come you do need to know that some things in New Zealand are more expensive. Things like housing, groceries, and eating out are more expensive than in South Africa.

The best things about living in New Zealand are the fishing and the outdoors. With this also comes the safety for the family and the reduced levels of stress. And everybody makes you feel welcome, even though you’ve got a different accent.

Clarence and Naude at Mt Tongariro

Clarence and Naude at Mt Tongariro.

Page created: 27 June 2019