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Jaco's story

Jaco Meintjes, Audit Manager, Wellington.

Jaco MeintjesLiving in New Zealand is exciting. It’s a beautiful country with lots of opportunities, and a safe environment for families. Moving to any country has its challenges. Embrace the change with a positive attitude. It took us about six months to settle in.

Auditing in New Zealand is not much different from auditing in South Africa. Audit New Zealand is one of the world leaders in public sector auditing. The variety and exposure of public sector auditing at Audit New Zealand is great. Audit New Zealand employs such a vast variety of people, with diverse cultures from all over the world. They all work well as a team, and are friendly and supportive.

The best things about living in New Zealand are the friendly people, and the various fun outdoor activities. There’s also a well-established supportive infrastructure for the people of New Zealand.

It’s not always easy to move countries, but there are so many people at Audit New Zealand who are willing to help. Reach out to them.

Page last updated: 27 June 2019