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Julian's story

Julian Tan is an Audit Director, based in our Christchurch office.

Photographer: Julian Tan.Julian Tan first came to work at Audit New Zealand from 1993 to 1995. He then worked for PwC, including a stint in Singapore, but he missed so many things about New Zealand, such as hiking in the bush, along lake shores and in the mountains, as well as the opportunities to take his beautiful landscape photographs, that he came back in 2005.

Here’s what Julian has to say about his love for New Zealand: “I am fortunate to have travelled extensively. But I love returning to New Zealand each time because I will never find more friendly and genuine people than in New Zealand.

“I chose to work for Audit New Zealand on my return to New Zealand, as there is a continuous focus on audit quality, and ongoing professional and personal development. My colleagues are always supportive and we have a highly regarded technical team that supports our work. I also enjoy working closely with our colleagues at the Office of the Auditor-General, a globally respected supreme audit institution.”

As an Audit Director, Julian travels New Zealand serving clients based in Christchurch, Nelson, Auckland, and Hawke’s Bay. “I enjoy the interesting variety of work on offer at Audit New Zealand. There is never a dull moment as we assist our clients in dealing with a range of business, accounting and auditing issues.”

A highlight of Julian’s career at Audit New Zealand has been his six years as the appointed auditor for the University of Canterbury, where he had studied for his degree. He also served nine years as sector network chair for the Tertiary Education Institutions sector.

Julian has this advice for those thinking of making the move: “New Zealand is a beautiful country. Public health services and education at all levels are of a very good standard. However, the cost of housing and food can be relatively higher.

“New Zealand does offer a lifestyle many people envy. As people from overseas make New Zealand their home, they bring with them their culture and their food, their language and their song, but they are united in their support for the mighty All Blacks!”

Photographer: Julian Tan. Photographer: Julian Tan.

 Photographer: Julian Tan. Photographer: Julian Tan.