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Model Financial Statements: Crown Service Enterprise 2014/15

Information on the new public benefit entity accounting standards

Our 2014/15 series of model financial statements have been prepared to comply with the new Public Benefit Entity (PBE) accounting standards. We provide model financial statements to help reduce the compliance costs to entities of preparing financial statements to conform with generally accepted accounting practice. We have prepared our models to fully reflect presentation and disclosure requirements of the standards. The models do not represent audit requirements.

An entity might choose not to present or disclose items required by the standards, depending on its circumstances and its consideration of what’s important to its financial statement users. Using our model financial statements does not remove the need or responsibility for governors and managers of entities to fully consider the disclosures made in the financial statements.

Debate continues about the volume of disclosures and the readability of financial statements. We considered the approaches taken by entities to address these. Our updated version for 2015/16 has been released that reflects current thinking and practice. 

Here are model financial statements for the Crown Service Enterprise for the year ended 30 June 2015, prepared in accordance with the new PBE accounting standards.

You are welcome to download a PDF copy from the link on the right-hand side of this page.

Page created: 21 July 2016