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Getting to know the business - Port Nelson

Port Nelson.

Understanding our client’s business is an essential part of carrying out an effective audit. The audit team for Port Nelson recently spent a day having an orientation visit at Port Nelson.  Located in the Nelson-Tasman region, Port Nelson is owned by the community for the purpose of facilitating regional prosperity. Port Nelson is a council controlled organisation – it is owned equally by Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council. Audit New Zealand’s role as an auditor is to reassure ratepayers that they can rely on the information in the Port’s reports.

Our audit team.

Our audit team (Merchaleen Laaks, Osana Robertson, Lana Coler, and Campbell Ross) inspecting the marina.

The Wine Port

The port is situated at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. It’s the gateway for a region that produces forestry products, fruit, and wine. Almost 80% of New Zealand’s wine is grown and exported from the top of New Zealand’s South Island, with Port Nelson being the primary port of export for the industry. It’s also a processing base for seafood and it has a popular marina.

Investment in assets

When our audit teams go on an orientation visit we like to look at any new assets as well as any new developments.

Port Nelson tugboat.

The Port is very proud of their new tugboat – Tōia. The Port is making sure they can accommodate ever larger container ships to keep pace with world trends.

In the 2017/18 year the Port has undertaken a major project to remediate the Calwell slipway – including reclaiming a large piece of land.

Moving cargo

The team were fascinated with the software that has been introduced by the Port to help handle logistics efficiently. 

Export of pine logs to Asia is a major activity and on the day they toured the log carriers were lined up waiting to unload.  They watched while the cranes picked up heaves of logs and the stevedoring team scan and photograph each log to prove delivery. 

Log carrier.

Cargo handling.

On the way home our Wellington based team got a great view as they flew over the Port.  They felt it had been a very worthwhile orientation.

Page created: 29 October 2018

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