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What's Audit New Zealand doing at the Zoo?

It’s important our auditors get to know and understand their clients’ business so they can audit the financial information and performance measures effectively.

Audit New Zealand audits Wellington Zoo each year and recently our auditors spent their lunch break meeting some of the residents and staff at the Zoo. 

Wellington Zoo audit team.

Wellington Zoo audit team: Sandip Patel, Emma Hutson, and Nicole Cooper meeting one of the resident Cheetahs at lunch time with some of the Wellington Zoo Trust staff.

Team feeding a giraffe.

The team also got to feed one of the Giraffes while visiting. Front to back: Emma Hutson, Sandip Patel, and Nicole Cooper.

After that they got down to work auditing the information that is going to be in the annual report.

Working on the audit.

Wellington Zoo is a charitable trust. Wellington Zoo Trust’s principle funder is Wellington City Council so the Zoo comes under the category of council-controlled organisations. That’s why we audit it. The auditor’s job is to issue an audit opinion. The opinion is included in the annual report and gives the readers of the report reasonable assurance that the report is a reliable picture of the financial statements and the performance targets.

We also produce a report that explains any areas for improvement and gives recommendations about improving anything significant we found during the audit. Our audit opinion provides reasonable assurance to rate payers that council funded organisations are spending their funding wisely and in the way they said they would.

Page created: 29 August 2018

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