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Video transcript: Adelyn Soh

Transcript for a video featuring Adelyn Soh talking about joining Audit New Zealand as a graduate.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Adelyn Soh (Assistant Auditor):

Being a grad at Audit New Zealand is a very exciting opportunity. Our colleagues welcome us on the first day of our arrival and help us to settle down and help us to know the company a lot better. Transitioning from university to the corporate world is made easier as well with our friendly colleagues. 

Audit New Zealand has such a people culture whereby we embrace the challenges together and we celebrate the successes together as a team. Our managers and our supervisors are so approachable which makes it easier for us as graduates to be able to ask them any questions we have in our audits.

Audit New Zealand provides us continuous training and support to help us improve in our work and to reach our full potential. We are constantly learning new things every day. We improve our technical skills and, also, communications skills which is important in our formative year as an auditor.

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