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Video transcript: Lizzy Yang

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Auditor Lizzy Yang talking about working at Audit New Zealand.

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Lizzy Yang (Assistant Auditor):

I came to New Zealand at the end of 2012 and I started with Audit New Zealand in February 2015 as a Grad. One thing that I like working with Audit New Zealand is that we keep learning and we keep growing every day.

You know, when people talk about Auditors, they think that we do repetitive work every day, we do numbers every day, but it’s not. It’s more about communication. Communicating with clients is a very important part of our daily jobs because we need to understand the client’s system very well in order to do their audit which means we are learning every day about different things because we’re doing different things every day, and no sectors are the same, and no clients are the same.

When we first started with Audit we were assigned a buddy that is normally in the year group above us. They were always there to help us because they had gone through the same as we were going through at that time, so they knew exactly how we felt at that time. We always get a lot of help from the team as well. On the job training benefits us a lot, because all those client or sector knowledge are passed among team members between years.

Another thing I like about working at Audit is working in different teams, because compared to like in a company, the accounting team, you work with the same people every day, you look at the same set of accounts every year. But for us, working under clients, which means you work on different clients, you see different clients’ accounts, and you work with different audit teams within Audit New Zealand. So you get to see the personality, you get to learn from them, because you would have the Director, Manager or Supervisors in the same team, and they are more experienced, and they will share their experience with you which helps you grow faster.

The jobs I’m doing, I feel like they are valued, that we are helping to improve the public sector in New Zealand by doing the audit of their accounts or annual report. We make sure they are free from material misstatement. And from doing the performance reporting we make sure they improve their service and improve their performance.

It matters to everyone within New Zealand, it matters to all the people within New Zealand, because the better the public sector provide their service, the more benefit we will receive as normal people within the country.

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