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Video transcript: Michelle Mudawarima

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Auditor Michelle Mudawarima talking about working at Audit New Zealand.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Michelle Mudawarima (Assistant Auditor):

I was an intern in summer of 2014, and I’ve recently just started as a grad. My time as an intern was exciting, fun, and an amazing learning opportunity. I remember when I got my offer in around May that I was going to start as an intern. I didn’t think I would get involved as much as I did. But something that’s really amazing about Audit New Zealand is they send you this newsletter right until the first day that you start as an intern. So you get to know who you’ll be working with, your potential clients, and just an understanding of what the organisation does.

The work that you do at Audit New Zealand is very, very different. You get a wide range of clients and, surprisingly, as an intern, you actually get to do real work. Now, as a grad, it feels different. But in a way it’s actually way more exciting because when you start as an intern you’re not really sure what to expect but when you come in as a grad you understand that there is local government clients, they have ministries, they have district health boards, and also your portfolio as a grad is way more varied. I think that’s something that is extremely exciting.

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