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Video transcript: Nicole Cooper talks about career progression

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Manager Nicole Cooper talking about her progress from Senior Auditor to Assistant Manager.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Nicole Cooper, Assistant Manager

Hi there, I am Nicole Cooper from Audit New Zealand and I am an Assistant Manager.

What I really like and appreciate is that I’ve been provided with a really strong career progression path. I’ve spent the last six months as a senior auditor where I got the opportunity to really work on my softer skills, communication skills, leading of teams. Senior auditors are really responsible for project managing. So at any one time you might have more than one audit that you are thinking about, you’ve got teams on site and the organisation skills that you get out of that, the community skills it’s a great skill set to have.

So when you start with the organisation, whether that’s with you come in as a graduate, or you come as a senior auditor, or you even come in at a manager level, you are provided with a mentor. They are there to help guide you, help support you, you meet with them regularly, and its jut one of the ways the organisation really invests in you and helps with your professional development.

The office culture is really great. Whichever level you come in at the organisation you’ll find that you have friendly faces, welcoming faces, you have people there wanting to support you, wanting to bring you into the culture. Audit New Zealand really provides the opportunities, they provide support, they invest in their employees, they set you up for success.

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Page created: 18 August 2021