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Video transcript: Nicole Cooper talking about making a difference

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Manager Nicole Cooper talking about making a difference in the public sector.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Nicole Cooper, Assistant Manager

Hi there, I am Nicole Cooper from Audit New Zealand and I am an Assistant Manager.

Audit New Zealand is a public sector auditing organisation and the types of auditing that you are doing is really very depending on which client you have.

A real point of difference working in the public sector and auditing the public sector is that we are not just looking at the financial information, we are not just looking at the balance sheet and the numbers. We take a wider scope, we look at the performance of the entity and how well they have performed against what they thought they were going to do, what services they provided to the public, and we make sure that what they are reporting in their annual report is fairly stated. So as part of auditing these public sector organisations you get a really strong understanding of what these businesses are actually doing to the public.

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Page created: 17 August 2021