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Video transcript: Chris Genet

Transcript for a video featuring Audit Manager Chris Genet talking about working at Audit New Zealand.

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Chris Genet (Associate Audit Director):

So around five years ago I started as a graduate in the Christchurch office. I've made my way up through the ranks and now I've just recently been promoted to an Audit Manager. So one of the unique opportunities I've had here in my time at Audit New Zealand has been our close involvement with the Canterbury rebuild, in particular how our clients have dealt with the challenges they've faced. It's an example of how our work really matters in the public sector.

I really enjoy working in the Christchurch office mainly because – you know – we're a good-sized office. We're approximately 40 people here. We cover quite a wide geographical range – basically most of the – a good two-thirds the South Island so we get around the place. The people round here are really supportive and there's some really skilled and experienced people that we get to work with on a daily basis. They really have some good input into your professional development.

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