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Rebecca Murphy

Specialist Advisor, Specialist Audit and Assurance Services

Rebecca Murphy profile

Rebecca Murphy
Cell: 021 222 7150

Rebecca has been with the Office since 2011 and joined us as a Specialist Advisor, Specialist Audit and Assurance Services in January 2019. Her work over the last 7 years has included:

  • supervising the audits of many public sector organisations;
  • performing risk assessments of financial statements and performance reporting;
  • reviewing the adequacy of the internal controls and financial delegations of organisations; and
  • reviewing policies and practices against good practice in areas such as procurement, contract management, risk management, sensitive expenditure, and conflicts of interest.

Rebecca has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Honours), is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (United Kingdom), and she is Prince 2 Project Management certified at Foundation and Practitioner level.

Page created: 2 April 2019