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2013 information updates for central government entities

In May 2013, Audit New Zealand hosted two one-day events in Wellington for central government entities. These events are run annually, and are designed to update attendees on issues and risks affecting the sector.

Audit New Zealand provides expertise on technical accounting matters, as well as observations based on its broad outlook across the central government sector. External presenters also participate, sharing their knowledge and experience of important themes or developments in the sector during the previous year.

The events are aimed at Chief Financial Officers and Finance teams as well as those charged with governance (audit and risk committee or board members). Altogether, more than 500 representatives from Crown entities and government departments attended.
(If you attended and require more information, or if you missed the event and want to know more, please mention it to your Audit Director or email us.)

Outline of the day

Audit New Zealand’s Executive Director, Stephen Walker, opened and closed each day with a challenge to clients to engage with their auditors with a deliberate, information-sharing approach.

Staff from Audit New Zealand and the Office of the Auditor-General shared their knowledge on the following topics:

  • how the audit or business risks that auditors identify in the Audit Arrangements Letter really matter at the lower level, operational activities of the audit (Clint Ramoo, Audit Director);
  • update on technical accounting standards (Robert Cox, Audit Director and Head of Accounting);
  • observations of information systems general control reviews that the Information Systems Audit and Assurance team has carried out (Alan Clifford, Director Information Systems Audit and Assurance); and
  • outline of the results for central government entities from the 2011/12 audit round (Maria Rawiri, Sector Manager, Office of the Auditor-General).

Auditor-General Lyn Provost challenged the audience to deeply consider the question "Is the public sector ready for the future needs of New Zealand?"

External speakers shared either perspectives on the current environment or real-life stories from their own entities. These included topics such as:

  • restructuring and organisational change (Statistics NZ, Department of Corrections, and the New Zealand Defence Force);
  • sharing services and collaborating (State Services Commission, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Treasury, and Department of Internal Affairs);
  • establishing a new entity (Education New Zealand).
  • a scan of the current economic environment (the Treasury); and
  • the State Sector (Public Finance) Reform Bill (the Treasury).

Next year’s event

Next year’s event will be advertised on our website, and we’ll invite staff from central government entities through their auditors. Audit New Zealand welcomes staff from public entities that are audited by other Audit Service Providers, too.

Page last updated: 29 October 2013