Ready for the first steps in your auditing career?

Our internship programme is a great way to get relevant work experience.

To be a summer intern, you need to be in your second-to-last year of study. 

Our internships run from mid-November until mid-February. We give you on-the-job work experience, so you can find out if working for Audit New Zealand is right for you.

You’ll also get a four-week break over the holiday period.

Find out when and how to apply...

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Asistant Auditors Samuel Patterson and Kirsty Voong talks about our Internship Programme (Transcript for this video).

Hear from other interns

Kirsty Voong

Kirsty talks about work that makes a difference in people’s lives, a welcoming work culture, and meeting one of her closest friends during our Internship Programme.


Tristan Tong

Tristan describes his internship experience, working on a range of clients, such as government ministries, tertiary education organisations, Crown entities, and even the Zoo.


Sam Patterson

Samuel found having a buddy, a mentor, and a manager all helped with the transition to working life. He was an Intern with us, before taking up a Graduate role this year.


What we stand for

People matter

We treat others with dignity and respect. We care for each other, take time to listen, and value everyone’s contribution. We support our people to realise their potential. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We celebrate our achievements.