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Assurance services

Our specialist assurance team has considerable industry and public sector knowledge and experience. We can be engaged directly by public entities to provide assurance about particular aspects of their business or performance.

Procurement during a national emergency
Agencies are to balance the need to act without delay (for example to save or preserve life, or safeguard buildings or repair critical infrastructure) against their overarching public sector obligations (act lawfully, reasonably and with integrity). Please read our statement about what agencies need to consider during this time.

We specialise in providing assurance about:

In providing assurance services, we offer an independent and objective view of what a public entity is doing. We seek to reduce risk in a public entity’s activities and processes, and we encourage effective, good practice approaches.

Independence and integrity are fundamental to us. Together, they mean we can provide greater assurance in areas that really matter to public entities and their stakeholders, as well as advice on sensitive matters where independence may be essential.

Page last updated: 31 March 2020

Martin Richardson, Acting Director, Specialist Audit and Assurance Services

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