Case study 5.10

Asset management for public entities: Learning from local government examples.

Rotorua District Council – Linking risk management to levels of service makes it more likely that they will be delivered and that unforeseen circumstances will not adversely affect them

Rotorua District Council has carried out an independently facilitated risk management analysis of all of its major asset groups. As part of its Integrated Risk Management (IRM) framework, the Council is consistently identifying, analysing, evaluating, and treating risks to delivering the levels of service set out in the asset management plans. The IRM framework explicitly links activity and asset management decision-making to community outcomes through the levels of service.

Once identified, risks will be monitored and reviewed. The Council’s asset management plans each include a comprehensive risk register, showing the links between the risks and the levels of service.

The IRM framework being adopted within Council will enhance the Council’s ability to demonstrate practical integration of sustainability into the operation of the Asset Group.