Case study 8.1

Case study 8.1

Asset management for public entities: Learning from local government examples.

Auckland City Council – A well-developed approach to quality assurance and peer review gives confidence that planning is robust and working well

Auckland City Council's asset management plans are peer-reviewed, both internally and externally. Each asset management plan is signed off at various levels, including project manager, asset owner (group manager), and general manager. The Asset Management Steering Team is a signatory to the capital programme, which ensures an element of review and quality assurance of capital plans from an asset perspective.

The Council has engaged the National Asset Management Steering Group, jointly with a consultant, to conduct a "beyond the desktop" review of asset management systems to inform its planning.

There is openness to review of asset information systems. This has included a review of asset registers in the past two years, ongoing work to reconcile asset registers (in particular for the smaller asset groups), and audits of major systems. Most recent was an audit of its Road Assessment and Maintenance Management system.