Audit New Zealand updates in 2019

In March and April 2019, Audit New Zealand provided information updates throughout New Zealand.

This year’s theme was Improving trust and confidence in the public sector. The presentations are listed below:

Speaker Presentation
Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker, Executive Director, Audit New Zealand
Welcome and opening address
John Ryan
John Ryan, Controller and Auditor-General
Improving trust, promoting value
Peter Gardiner
Peter Gardiner, Manager, Forecasting, Modelling and Research, The Treasury
New Zealand economic outlook
Diana Cook Tim Ng
Diana Cook, Deputy Chief Economic Advisor, and Tim Ng, Chief Economic Advisor, The Treasury
The Treasury's Living Standards Framework
Stuart Cormack
Stuart Cormack, Manager Methodology, Audit New Zealand
Client Substantiation File - Prepare for your audit
Robert Cox
Robert Cox, Head of Accounting, Audit New Zealand
Financial reporting update
Martin Richardson
Martin Richardson, Director, Audit New Zealand
Procurement and how it contributes to trust and confidence
Paul O'Neil
Paul O'Neil, General Counsel, Serious Fraud Office
The future of fighting fraud in the public sector
Bernie McKendry
Bernie McKendrey, Institute of Internal Auditors
Getting back to #1. Internal Audit: A key pillar in building trust and confidence 
Photo of Warren Allen
Warren Allen, Chief Executive, External Reporting Board
Using your audit and risk committee effectively
Audit and Risk Committee panel
Andy Burns, Graham Naylor, Kim Wallace, and Greg Schollum
Audit and Risk Committees: How do we make them more effective
Derek Walker
Derek Walker, Chair of Audit and Risk Committee
Using Your Audit and Risk Committee Effectively – a chair’s perspective 
Ian Ball
Ian Ball, Professor of Public Financial Management, Victoria University, Wellington
Sound financial footings - Why This is Important in the Public Sector
Karin Lasthuizen
Professor Karin Lasthuizen, Victoria University, Wellington
Ethical Leadership in the workplace
Andrea Reeves
Andrea Reeves, Assistant Auditor-General Local Government, and David Lemmon, Manager Inquiries, The Office of the Auditor-General
Topical issues from recent reports and inquiries
Gareth Ellis
Gareth Ellis, Assistant Auditor-General Parliamentary Group, The Office of the Auditor-General
Reflections on our recent work: Themes and issues for central government organisations

Whangarei District Council speakers

Delyse Henwood, Dominic Kula, and Nathan Wright, Whangarei District Council

Sharing good practice: Whangarei District Council's journey

Page updated: 7 June 2019