Fraud Enquiry TCWG

Client Substantiation File.

To complete the questions below download the Word document and return to your appointed auditor.

Below are the responses from [insert name of governors] on your questions on our role in relation to  fraud that may have taken place and any suspected or alleged fraud relating to [name of entity] for the year ending [insert date]:

Suggested questionsResponse
Role in relation to fraud  
What role do you have in monitoring management’s
exercise of its fraud prevention responsibilities?
How does management communicate identified fraud risks?
How do management provide assurance that anti-fraud controls
are in place and operating?
If a fraud risk assessment has been completed,
what input did those charged with governance have?
Do you consider that the fraud risk assessment was a
robust process?
How are those charged with governance informed of actual,
suspected or alleged frauds?
Actual, suspected, or alleged frauds  
Have any frauds been identified or are there any
suspected or alleged frauds?
For any identified frauds, were these investigated by management
and have the results of the investigation been reported to those
charged with governance?
How did the fraud occur? How was it identified?
What happened to fraudster, how much was involved and
were any monies or assets

[Name and position of signatory]