Case study 2.2

Asset management for public entities: Learning from local government examples.

Timaru District Council – A policy-led approach to determining the appropriate level of sophistication means everyone is clear about what needs to be done

Timaru District Council has developed an asset management policy in association with Waugh Infrastructure Management Limited as part of a Canterbury-wide initiative. It provides managers with a framework for deciding on the appropriate level of asset management practice for each activity. It sets out asset management policy principles and objectives for specific asset groups – land transport, utilities, parks, solid waste,and property. These policy principles provide asset managers with a guide on factors such as service delivery, integration of asset management with corporate and strategic frameworks, decision-making, and sustainable management.

The methodology that the Council uses to select the appropriate level of asset management practice for each service is based on a determination of risk related to population size and district-wide risk factors. It then analyses factors comprising:

  • costs and benefits;
  • legislative requirements;
  • size, condition, and complexity of the assets;
  • organisational skills and resources;
  • customer expectations; and
  • sustainability.