Our future needs - is the public sector ready?

Our future needs - is the public sector ready?

Presentation by Lyn Provost, Controller and Auditor-General.

Title page of the Auditor-General's presentation.

Our future needs - themes

  • Public sector finances – solid foundations but with challenges ahead
  • Looking after our natural resources and physical assets
  • Putting ideas and plans into action
  • He Tangata – it’s about people
  • Making digital part of our DNA

Lessons from Kaipara inquiry

  • Legality and accountability are fundamental
  • Responsibility cannot be contracted out
  • Governance
    • courage to keep asking questions
    • formal processes and records
  • Management
    • understand the limits of contracting out
    • steady eye on the big picture
  • PPP arrangements
    • expertise to manage complex contracts
    • accounting should not drive the decision to enter PPPs

Five year work programme

  • Our future needs
  • Service delivery
  • Governance and accountability
  • Investment and asset management
  • Information