Audit New Zealand’s new client portal

Letter from Stephen Walker, Executive Director, Audit New Zealand

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AuditDashboard, Audit New Zealand’s new client portal

Audit New Zealand are implementing AuditDashboard, a new client portal. AuditDashboard is an online tool that allows for easier collaboration and file sharing between our teams. We are rolling out the system in phases from March 2021.

AuditDashboard is a robust, secure digital platform that is specifically designed for auditing, auditors, and their clients. It supports clear communication and the smooth exchange of information. Alongside the secure transfer of information, it will provide a clear view of the files that have been provided and those that are still outstanding. It will save your team time and reduce surprises, as you’ll be able to see the real-time status of our requests.

Your audit team will work with your finance team to arrange an appropriate date to start using AuditDashboard on your audits. They will provide more information and guidance to your finance team, and others who will use the tool, about how it will be used in your audit.

We also have resources on security and privacy that will answer many of the questions your Chief Security Officer, Privacy Officer, or IT team may have. Your employees who use AuditDashboard will be asked to sign up to terms of use for the software. We will also ask someone with appropriate delegation to agree to obligations on behalf of your organisation. These are straight forward, and we expect they will be standard expectations in your existing policy on computer use. Employees will only use devices approved by your organisation, for example.

Your views as a valued client are important to us, and we hope you will find the information below useful. Please let your Appointed Auditor or Audit Manager know if you have any questions about AuditDashboard.

Ngā mihi nui


Stephen Walker
Executive Director

Appendix 1: About AuditDashboard

The statutory audit requires your employees to transfer a significant number of files to your audit team. There will be no change to the information that your team are asked for. Rather than emailing a list of information required, your audit team will request information using AuditDashboard, which your team will then use to upload files. AuditDashboard is specifically built for this and is used by audit firms around the world.

Your finance team and others can easily upload documents to match requests from your auditors, who will receive automated notifications when a file has been provided. Your team will also receive notifications about the status of requests, including any that may be overdue.

Additional information, including a message from Stephen Walker, Executive Director of Audit New Zealand, an overview for clients and an IT summary sheet can be viewed on our website. If you want to view a short video explaining how the tool works, please contact you audit team who will provide you with a link to the video.

Benefits of using AuditDashboard

AuditDashboard will give your finance team more visibility of the audit process and make it simpler to exchange files with your auditors. The benefits to your finance team will be:

  • an instant visual overview of status, showing what has been provided and what is still outstanding, for individuals and for the whole audit. Your team will not need to create their own tracking process for requests;
  • the ability for your team to delegate requests. They can use the built-in workflow, to ensure the right person owns the request. They can also re-assign requests to take account of changing circumstances, such as workload or illness;
  • being able to restrict access to sensitive files, such as payroll data, so they can only be viewed by specific people; and
  • a more secure method of transferring files than e-mail.


The privacy and security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. AuditDashboard has been independently audited against international standards, and our own review shows that information is secure in the system. More information on security is in the IT summary sheet.

The Auditor-General has accredited the system to allow the transmission or storage of information with a National Security Protective Marking of up to RESTRICTED1. This is based on a comprehensive review of the security and privacy controls that was undertaken by our IT experts. We have completed a detailed risk assessment and full Certification and Accreditation process. Our process is consistent with the requirements of the Government Chief Digital Officer’s risk assessment for cloud systems. We engaged an independent IT security company to review our work to ensure it is in line with best practice. They did not identify any technical issues with the software and confirmed our certification processes are fit for purpose.

1: A RESTRICTED classification under the protective security requirements means information that would likely to adversely affect the national interest, such as adversely affecting diplomatic relations or internal stability or economic wellbeing of New Zealand.

Page last updated: 14 May 2021