Discover how AuditDashboard helps provide a more organised, secure, and collaborative audit experience.

Why AuditDashboard?

Methods of exchanging information with your audit team have progressed over time from physical mail, to USBs, to email.

AuditDashboard is a natural progression, an online portal that allows you and your auditors to transfer information.

It provides more transparency and visibility, so you can see the status of your information exchanges at any given time.

AuditDashboard is a simple yet powerful collaboration and communication tool that helps centralise, streamline, and automate our workflow.

Easier than ever to...

Trouble-free tracking

Keep track of all requests, inquiries and documents.

We’ll invite you and your colleagues to collaborate on one dynamic request list, in a shared space where it is easy to see what has been asked for, what has been uploaded, who each request is assigned to, and when it is due.

The dashboard

Real-time visibility

See how much information is outstanding, submitted, accepted, or returned anytime throughout your audit.

Streamlined and centralised

Limits disruptions and keeps everyone on the same page.

All engagement requests and inquiries will be consolidated to limit disruptions. Drag and drop capabilities makes it easy to fulfill requests. Real-time status updates keep everyone organized and on the same page.

Trust and security

Easy login

Users do not need to remember another password.

AuditDashboard allows users to log in with the same password they use to log in to Microsoft accounts. This will often be the same password they use to log in to their computer, depending on how your organisation has set up their accounts.

In simple terms, when a user enters their password, AuditDashboard refers the information to your organisation’s directory of users. If the username and password match, you can log in to AuditDashboard. This is called single sign-on (SSO).

This is the best method for signing in because users do not need to remember another password and it also enhances security. It gives your organisation control over the complexity of passwords and how frequently they need to be changed.

Let your audit team know if you would like to use this feature.

For more information, contact your Appointed Auditor or Audit Manager.

Page created: 5 October 2021