Steven Heath

Associate Director, Specialist Audit and Assurance Services

Steven Heath profile

Steven Heath
Cell: 021 222 8253

Steven joined Audit New Zealand as an Associate Director with Specialist Audit and Assurance Services in 2020.

Steven has direct experience of leading large operational teams, combined with practical experience of project management, procurement, and contract management in a variety of settings.

His recent experience includes:

  • providing assurance on complex and high risk agreements;
  • auditing various public sector procurement projects;
  • probity and risk management throughout the procurement life cycle;
  • advising on agile practices in procurement teams; and
  • directing a team of procurement specialists in a number of public sector agencies.

Steven started his career in Canada, working in the ICT sector before returning to New Zealand. Since then, he has held a variety of advisory and management roles. In the last 15 years, he has held senior procurement and policy positions in the private and public sectors.

Steven has a Master of Public Policy, with a focus on e-government and procurement, from Victoria University of Wellington.

Page created: 19 January 2021