Client Substantiation File: Conclusion

Transcript of a video of Stuart Cormack talking about our Client Substantiation File.

Title: Client Substantiation File: Conclusion: Next Steps

This is the final video in this set. We have covered some of the more important parts contained in the Client Substantiation File. But do take some time to familiarise yourself with all if its contents.

We recommend that you have a discussion with your auditor early in the audit process about what information they will need from you. Having this discussion will make sure that you and your auditor are in agreement about what information they will need to be able to complete the audit.

Once you understand what you auditor will need from you, take a look at the client substantiation file  to look at the details  that you will need to complete. Once you have completed the relevant checklists and questionnaires please send them to your auditor who will use this information to start documenting their audit work.

We also have a feedback form on the Client Substantiation File where you can give us, the Methodology Team, some feedback on ideas you have to improve this resource Just click on the link and submit your feedback. And if you have specific questions about your audit and what’s needed, then have chat with your auditor.

Thank you for taking some time to watch our videos and I hope that you now understand more about how the Client Substantiation File works.

Now please open the Client Substantiation File and have a look.

Title: Visit to find out more about the Client Substantiation File.