Video transcript: Samuel Patterson

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Auditor Samuel Patterson talking about how having a buddy, a mentor, and a manager all helped with the transition to working life. He was an Intern with us, before taking up a Graduate role this year.

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Kia ora, my name is Samuel Patterson. I'm a Graduate at Audit New Zealand, after successfully completing their Internship Programme.

What really drew me to the Internship Programme at Audit New Zealand was the sheer amount of mentoring and support that they offered. It really helped me get my career off on the right foot.

There's such a strong support system shown here at Audit New Zealand. You get a buddy who tends to be about a year older than you, and for any simple questions you can always go to them. And they've kind of been through just what you're going through now, which is really useful. And then you've also got a mentor and they are a little bit more senior for any more serious questions or concerns that you've got. They're always there to help, and it's been very helpful.

From the beginning, you are given a lot of responsibility from doing your own testing, to shadowing client meetings, and even leading a meeting of your own.

I had such a great experience during my internship at Audit New Zealand that accepting the Graduate role here was an absolute no brainer. The people are so welcoming and understanding and I cannot recommend it enough to someone who wants a strong start to their career.

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Page created: 21 March 2022