Video transcript: Tristin Tong

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Auditor Tristin Tong talking about Internship at Audit New Zealand.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Hi, my name is Triston Tong, and I am an Assistant Auditor at Audit New Zealand.

As part of the Internship at Audit New Zealand, you work on a wider range of clients, such as government ministries, tertiary education organisations, Crown entities, and entities such as the Zoo.

From the beginning you are given a lot of responsibility, such as doing on your own testing, shadowing client meeting and even leading a meeting of your own. You also do one week at the Office of the Auditor-General.

My favourite part of the Internship was meeting everyone at Audit New Zealand. You build lot of networks, you learn a lot from everybody, you make great friends. The Internship made it really easy for me to transition to a graduate. Everyone was a familiar face and I really had a good understanding of what I needed to become a graduate.

The graduate induction was held in Wellington and it was few days long. I got to meet my year group who I will be working and studying alongside of the next few years. I also got given the materials and information that I need to start my career at Audit New Zealand.

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