Video transcript: Riya Survase

Transcript for a video featuring Riya's Audit New Zealand Graduate Programme experience.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Hi, my name is Riya Survase. I joined Audit New Zealand as a graduate after completing their internship Programme and now I'm an intermediate auditor.

Everybody has a manager or a mentor and they really care about your goals. The professional judgment that I've exercised in my role has made me feel extremely valued here. There's loads of variety at Audit New Zealand. 

My graduate role gave me the opportunity to travel to Wellington and on site for clients all over New Zealand. I formed some great connections here and I've made some of my really close friends.

It's important to me that my career is more than just a source of income, but something through which I can make a positive difference. 

New Zealand has one of the most trustworthy public sectors in the world and we're contributing to that by auditing public sector clientele. 

If you are looking for a positive and supportive environment to start your audit career with amazing development opportunities, you must definitely join Audit New Zealand.

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Page created: 10 March 2023