Video transcript: Kirsty Voong

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Auditor Auditor Kirsty Voong talking about work that makes a difference in people’s lives, a welcoming work culture, and meeting one of her closest friends during our Internship Programme.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Hi, I'm Kirsty Voong, and I was offered a role as a Graduate after I completed my internship with Audit New Zealand.

Contributing to work that actually makes a difference in New Zealand communities, is something that's always been important to me. You could work behind the scenes of the country's biggest infrastructure projects and for agencies that provide an essential service to those that require it.

After my internship, I did come back as a part-time worker and during my time, I was working with teams that audited Ministry of Social Development, Oranga Tamariki, and Fire Emergency New Zealand.

The culture at Audit New Zealand is amazing and there are a lot of ways of interacting with your co-workers and your peers.

You can go out for coffee, you can go for lunch. There's always someone available for a Skype call or a Teams chat and I've met one of my closest friends through Audit New Zealand.

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Page created: 21 March 2022