Scott Tobin

Audit Director/Head of Audit and Quality

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Scott Tobin
Cell: 021 222 8463

Scott has been an Audit Director since 2004 and Head of Audit and Quality since 2016. He joined us as a graduate in 1996.

Scott has extensive experience in the audits of energy lines companies, tertiary education institutions, local authorities and their subsidiaries, and government departments.

He is formerly the chairperson of Audit New Zealand's internal knowledge network for the energy sector and member of the local government sector team.

As Head of Audit and Quality, Scott’s role includes:

  • overseeing the development and application of our audit methodology;
  • leading the methodology team to provide independent, high-quality, consistent, and authoritative advice and support in auditing, assurance, and professional matters to Audit New Zealand staff;
  • leading quality review and improvement initiatives; and
  • leading the focus on senior audit staff competence and professional development.

Page last updated: 20 July 2021